A Little More Film | Nashville Sunset | Uniontown Photographer

There’s something about film that makes my heart happy. Yes, the skin tones and more true to life, and the colors exude an unparalleled vibrance. Yes, I can shoot for hours and never edit a thing. Yes, it brings a sense of nostalgia for simpler times. But it’s more than that. With every click of the button, I know that I have taken the image that will be seen. With film, you put a lot of time into planning your shot, and waiting for the exact right facial expression, waiting for all the blinks and distractions to be gone, instead of time editing the shot in post. I do my best to get every shot perfect with digitals too, but I think that’s what makes film so magical; you get what you get.

Here are the last set of film scans from our trip to Nashville for the Julie Paisley workshop.   Enjoy!

2015-01-30_00012015-01-30_00022015-01-30_00082015-01-30_00032015-01-30_00042015-01-30_00052015-01-30_0006Until next time


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