Caitlin’s Living Photography | Open House | Uniontown, PA

Last Tuesday, I hosted an open house to announce the opening of my new studio here in downtown Uniontown. I was over the moon with excitement to see everyone who showed up the show their support! I have to admit, I did a really terrible job expressing my gratitude and acknowledging how this all occurred. As expected I was too overwhelmed with the urge to ball like a baby and therefore couldn’t think much less speak. But! I would like to take a moment to tell you all about my journey. I sat at a good friends dining room table one evening describing this crazy and wild dream I had in which I thought maybe I could be a photographer. She told me, so assuredly and with no hesitation, that phew, I had this in the bag. GOD BLESS YOU NYKI! I went home that night and told my husband that I thought I might give it a shot. He, being totally used to my wild dreams and ideas was all for it. SO, it began. Before I knew it, the ball was rolling and I was overwhelmed by a whirlwind of emotion. What do I now, I love this, I want this, I can do this, what is next. Well, what was next was a trip to a local antique store with a second floor that screamed to me what a beautiful studio space it could be. Aaaannnnnd….. the search began. Now, looking back, I could have never imagined CLP would be where it is today. I am beyond grateful for the encouragement I received from my family and friends, and of course the overwhelming support of all of those who have chosen to entrust me with the duty of documenting your life!  I  would also like to say a special thank you to Cafe 45 and the Simply Sweet Shoppe for helping me make this event what it was. You guys rock! If you participated in our photobooth, the gallery link is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!  2014-07-17_00412014-07-17_0033a must use (3)a must use (5)2014-07-17_00022014-07-17_00392014-07-17_00032014-07-17_00112014-07-17_00382014-07-17_00042014-07-17_00122014-07-17_0009a must use (1)2014-07-17_00062014-07-17_00082014-07-17_00402014-07-17_00072014-07-17_00352014-07-17_0034a must use (2)a must use2014-07-17_00102014-07-17_00142014-07-17_00132014-07-17_00232014-07-17_00172014-07-17_00252014-07-17_00222014-07-17_00212014-07-17_00202014-07-17_0024

If there is any person in this world who drove me to be the person that I am, it is this man, my grandfather. <3



and yes, that’s a little leftover icing on my sweet baby’s lip…. <3

For all of you that would like to download your images from  the Photo Booth, please click here!

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