My Journey into Film Photography | Julie Paisley Photography Film Workshop

SO as many of you know, Courtney and I recently got to adventure down to Nasheville TN to attend a Film Photography Workshop with one of my all time favorite photographers, Julie Paisley Photography. From the time I was about 12 years old I shot with an old Minolta Film camera, controling my settings, and manually focusing my lenses. About 10 years ago, I saved and saved and saved and bought my first DSLR camera. I didn’t have to manual focus anymore, I didn’t have to choose my settings, and my images were right there for me to see! I put away my old Minolta and decided to make the switch. As I shot, I found that I didn’t love my digital images the way that I did my film images. With film, my prints looked the way I saw them through my viewfinder. But hey, everyone had a digital camera, so that’s what I was supposed to do right?

Years later I find myself in the last profession I would have ever imagined, a photographer. I of course began my journey with a digital camera, and it couldn’t have happened any other way. But, now, I find myself longing for the thing I fell in love with years ago. The creaminess, the soft focus, the beautiful skin tones, and the way it reacts to light is simply beautiful, timeless and distinguishable. When I saw that Julie Paisley was shooting Hybridly, part film and part digital it all began to feel like a real possibility for me. Then, when she announced that she was going to offer a workshop for this very thing, I absolutely had to be there. And so, I made the decision to begin the journey of learning to shoot professionally on film

The workshop was everything that I needed and more. We stayed in Julie’s cottage with all of the other photographers that attended. It truly felt like home as soon as we got there. The hospitality provided by Julie and her family is like no other. Julie spent both days teaching all day and has completely made my desire for shooting film a true reality.  Staying with the awesome group of girls for two days was also really amazing because it was like melting pot of non-stop sharing of knowledge. I left with my heart full of bounding excitement and have been eagerly awaiting the return of my film scans. Now, they are here, and my goodness do I love them! They are everything I hoped they would be and more. BEAUTIFUL straight out of the camera!

I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do!!!! <3


until next time


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