Colleen and Tyler | Married | Wedding Photography

When we were contacted by Colleen and Tyler for our Organic Films services, we were over the moon with excitement! It was a week before her wedding day when she called us; and after realizing the importance of videography and how beautiful the films can be, she decided to book! We were 100% up for the adventure, and super excited for another Ohio wedding.

I jumped at the opportunity to tag along while Courtney shot video, to shoot film (YES FILM, LIKE THAT OLD STUFF YOU USED TO PUT IN YOUR CAMERA BACK IN THE DAY).  I recently attended a photography class dealing with film and was anxious to really put what I learned to the test. And, fortunately, the photographer for Tyler and Colleen’s wedding was the fabulous Emily Millay Photography and she graciously allowed me to shoot along side her. This was my first time shooting strictly film throughout the wedding day, and I couldn’t be more excited at the results!

Film has been such a personal journey for me, I just love the way it looks– I love the grain and the colors and the feel. And while I won’t be shooting strictly film at any other wedding anytime soon, I aim to shoot a little bit of film for each and every wedding this year, just to add some artistic diversity to the images.

Here’s a few of my favorites from their big day, with a little surprise at the end!




And here’s short media film highlighting some of the sweetest moments from Tyler and Colleen’s big day! Stay tuned for the full Organic Film coming soon!

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