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So it’s kind of funny how things all fall into place just as they are meant to, let me elaborate. It started about a week ago, when Courtney and I were walking into the studio to start our day. As I unlocked the door, speaking of how I so desperately ached for something “for me” she said, let’s go to the Antqiue Store, right now. And, so we did. We walked about a block to a local antique store that we should probably walk to way more often and I embraced my happy place. Within minutes we stumbled across a vintage wedding dress, a dress we had been discussing for months. Long story short, we bought it, hung it in the studio and felt quite pleased. Theeeeen… Lauren, the florist, The Farmers Daughter, came in briefly and saw the dress hanging. Wouldn’t you know a couple of days later she text saying she had the perfect bouquet in mind for the dress and this Fall weather was spot on for the style, and so of course, LETS DO IT, was my response. Now as Courtney and I stood in the antique store staring at this dress, we both said, Beth Erin would be perfect for this, and wouldn’t you know she came in, tried it on, and it was a match made in heaven. Now with all of the details worked out we lined up our fav makeup artist, Beauty by Joy, and our go to Hairstylist Kendall Sisler for a last minute styled shoot. What I love most about these girls is they can work on the fly. No practice, no consultation, we meet, and an hour later we have magic! THEN, we had an added bonus, our model has a pretty handsome BF, with impeccable style, so of course, he joined in too! And in the end, that trip to the antique store, and my desire to do something “fun”, turned out to not only act as chocolate for my soul, but also others who love what we do.

I truly hope you enjoy…..


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